By: Tammy Mantika of Heritage Pointe Properties Inc.
“Calgary Women in Construction is a great networking opportunity for business women. They have meet-ups, events, lunch & learns and many more arenas to put women together. They provide a wonderful opportunity for women to meet others in the industry and form connections (and new friends).”


I have been a supporting member of the Calgary Women in Construction group since it was founded, a number of years ago.  The events are consistently an excellent platform where one can learn about new products and services, network with other professionals, and reconnect and commiserate with people who have relocated, or whom I might otherwise not have the opportunity to cross paths with in the ebb flow of day-to-day business. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in the room at any given event.  For businesses it can be a great place to find new talent.

I would highly recommend this dynamic group to any woman working within our industry and have done so for many years.  Hats off to Elaine Coates who continues to do an outstanding job of collaborating, networking and hosting  interesting and informative venues for the members.

Alex S., Purchaser

Whether or not you’re in the construction industry, the Calgary Women in Construction group is well worth being a part of. This amazing group of women are open minded, supportive and have a very warm, inviting spirit. Connecting with this group has definitely brought value to my business by creating much more awareness of my services while building great relationships with influential people.

Linh Tran, World Financial Group

Recently I had the awesome pleasure of having lunch with a lot of women, not regular ladies but women in the construction industry.

There were about 40 ladies in attendance, the meal was excellent, the speaker was awesome.

But the thing that struck me was the high energy level in the room and the great conversations that were going on all around me. I’ve been to many home builder/construction functions throughout the years but this was a fantastic opportunity to hear from women about the construction industry that work in the industry themselves. The views, opinions and conversations were as diverse as the women who attended. These ladies known their stuff and they’re not shy about sharing their amazing knowledge!

I had several amazing conversations did some great networking…….

I highly recommend “Calgary Women in Construction” to any women in the industry. Keep up the great work ladies and I look forward to meeting many more of you at the next event.

Anita Niven

I just love being part of Calgary Women In Construction!  I’ve met so many wonderful people, it has helped grow my business and has also given me the chance to help others grow.  I also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the chance to unwind and enjoy a glass of wine after a hard days work.

Dayna PiagnoShine Cleaners

“I have been a member of Calgary Women in Construction for a little over a year. What attracted me to CWIC was the opportunity to grow my business and to connect with other women in my industry. Elaine hosts numerous events throughout the year where I’ve had the opportunity to network and to promote my business. Elaine is also a tireless advocate of member companies and constantly promotes them through her social media platforms. Not to mention that the membership rates are extremely reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend CWIC to any woman in the construction industry.”

Jolanda Slagmolen-Flores, AKBD